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4 Hoarder House Safety Hazards and How to Tackle Them Safely

4 Hoarder House Safety Hazards and How to Tackle Them Safely

Hoarder houses pose a significant risk that can be detrimental to health, safety, and the environment in general. If a hoarder house in your neighborhood is giving you concerns, it is crucial to deal with it effectively. Read on to learn more about the four primary safety hazards in hoarder houses and how to tackle them safely.

Biological Hazards

Hoarder houses contain many biological hazards. The clutter and filth create an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi. This can become particularly dangerous if the hoarder owns animals in the home. Common biological hazards include:

  • Dust mites
  • Water and mold damage
  • Fleas and other vermin
  • Animal waste or droppings.

The Solution: Wear protective gear such as gloves, a mask, and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket when tackling hoarder houses. It is also essential to disinfect the area by using appropriate cleaning agents and ensure proper ventilation of the space. If the filth has accumulated to the point where it is out of hand, it may be necessary to involve professional cleaners.

Structural Problems

Hoarder houses often have structural problems that pose safety risks. For example, heavy clutter can obstruct walkways, causing people to trip and injure themselves. In addition, unchecked hoarding can lead to moisture damage, making the home unsound and structurally compromised.

Water and other mold damage associated with hoarding

Hoarding can lead to a multitude of water and mold problems. When items are left piled up, particularly in damp or humid environments, they can easily become breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Additionally, the weight of the accumulated items can cause cracks in the walls and foundations that allow moisture to penetrate into the interior of the home. This further contributes to an unhealthy and potentially hazardous environment.

The Solution: It is essential to develop a plan on how to manage the hoarder house safely. Start by removing the clutter by placing all the items in the same spot and categorizing them. Once you have done this, it will be easier to see how the structure of the home is affected. You can then identify and fix any issues.

Fire Hazards

Fires are a significant concern in hoarder houses. Hoarding can clog electrical outlets and prevent access to smoke alarms. The buildup of garbage and flammable materials can enhance the spread of fires, making it hard to control. Additionally, the presence of numerous flammable items can put people in the home and neighbors at risk.

The Solution: The best way to tackle such hazards is to keep the fire department updated on your progress. Ensure that you have functioning fire extinguishers and smoke alarms throughout the house. Also, create open space and remove all flammable materials from the house.

Vermin Infestations

Hoarder houses cultivate perfect habitats for vermin and other rodents, which can cause substantial damage to the building, spread diseases, and negatively impact the environment in the process. Piles of stored food and clutter make it easier for these vermin to thrive.

The Solution: The best way to address this problem is by taking preventive measures. Start by sealing all cracks and crevices in the walls where these vermin can hide, such as near windows and doors. Additionally, store all food items in sealed containers and regularly clean up clutter from the house. Finally, call a professional to set up traps or bait stations if an infestation is suspected.

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Hoarder houses can be a significant hazard to the health, safety, and environment of the occupants and neighbors. Tackling such problems is of critical importance for homeowners, business owners, property managers, and anyone dealing with hoarding. By understanding the safety hazards and tackling them safely, you can ensure the successful restoration of the hoarder house and a healthy living environment.

If you need help, Bio-One of Oceanside’s team is always ready to respond! We specialize in hoarder house cleanups and can help you address any safety hazards associated with hoarding. Contact us today for professional help!

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