4 ways to rodent-proof your house + how Bio-One of Oceanside specialists can help you

4 ways to rodent-proof your house + how Bio-One of Oceanside specialists can help you

During winter, chances of dealing with rodent infestations are higher as they look for shelter and food in indoor environments. The garage, attic, and any dark, poorly ventilated area is suitable for rodents to create nests and reproduce.


If you’re facing a rodent infestation, it’s important to act quickly. They can become a serious concern because of how quickly they can reproduce and how they ravage houses by chewing on electrical wires, contaminating food, and leaving droppings and urine that are highly infectious. Bio-One of Oceanside specializes in the removal of rodent droppings and thorough cleaning after rodent extermination. Rats, mice, pigeons, and other household infestations may result in disease spreading and other health problems.


Rodents will reproduce in any area that provides them with two basic elements: food and shelter. We are sharing 4 ways to rodent-proof your house or property and how our specialists can help you. Some people may be allergic to these environments, especially if they’re dealing with respiratory health problems like asthma.


  1. Seal and block entryways


Rodents can make their inside through the smallest gaps and holes. Look around the house foundations, in the basement, walls, and windows, and fix any cracks and possible entryways. Because it’s difficult to block all entrances, it’s always recommended to regularly check these areas for holes and cracks. In your garage area, make sure the doors are working properly.


  1. Remove clutter and debris from outdoor environments


Rodents can hide in debris, rock piles, and firewood. Make sure your exteriors are clean and free from clutter and trash. Regularly mowing the lawn, removing dead plants and leaves, and cleaning up seeds and waste from other animals will help keep rodents away from your house. If you need with removing clutter and trash from your house, Bio-One of Oceanside specialists can help you. Rodents are less likely to come into clean and disinfected areas. 


  1. Properly store dry food and pet supplies 


Look for rodent activity inside your kitchen cabinets and storage areas. Rodents usually look for food at night, when it’s dark. Make sure food is stored in dry places, properly sealed, and preferably in plastic containers as rodents can gnaw cardboard boxes and plastic bags. If you own pets, avoid leaving their food and water served at night, and make sure their litter boxes and hygiene items are regularly cleaned. 


  1. Hygiene is fundamental to prevent rodent infestations

Rodents will be drawn to any area that is filthy and cluttered. There are simple things anyone in the can do to prevent rats, mice, and other pests from coming into the house, like properly sealing trash bags, keeping kitchen countertops clean and free of food crumbs, cleaning closets, garage, and attic spaces, and regularly checking for rodent activity.

Bio-One of Oceanside can help you clean and declutter your house or property. Our specialists will thoroughly clean and disinfect areas where rodent activity is detected.

Bio-One of Oceanside can help you


If you suspect your house or property may be infested with rodents, Bio-One of Oceanside can help you. Rodents carry dangerous bacteria and diseases through their droppings and urine. Our specialists are trained to thoroughly look for areas where rodents might have been, and we use the latest technology and chemicals to properly disinfect and decontaminate them.


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