4 things you can do to prevent moisture and mold damage in your house or property

4 things you can do to prevent moisture and mold damage in your house or property

Excessive moisture creates a suitable environment for mold and other bacteria to grow. But what’s more concerning is what may be causing excessive moisture inside the house, because it usually comes down to water damage. Leaks in roofs, windows, and blocked gutters that cause leakage to the basement and lower areas of the house, condensation in plumbing areas… are some of the reasons why your house may feel uncomfortably humid, especially in the summer. 


Excessive moisture may result in health complications from mold exposure and airborne pathogens generated in overly humid environments. While not everyone is affected by the exposure the same way, it’s normal for people exposed to mold spores and dust mites to experience allergies and asthma. 


When prevention fails, our specialists at Bio-One of Oceanside can help you remediate areas from mold and water-related damage. We are sharing 4 things you can do to prevent moisture, dampness, and mold damage in your house. Promptly fixing water and mold damage is key to having a healthy indoor environment.


What is moisture and where does come from?


Essentially, moisture is the presence of trace liquids in the environment. While it may seem harmless, it has multiple health effects on people dealing with respiratory problems. It can also pose a problem for building structures, as high levels of moisture usually result in mold damage


Most of the activities we conduct in our daily routine involve water. When there’s not enough ventilation, moisture builds up from these activities, creating an unhealthy, unpleasant, and risky environment, especially because these activities are usually carried out indoors. Moisture may come from the following sources:


 -Lack of proper insulation walls and windows. 




-Rainwater coming in from leaky roofs, windows, doors, and cracks.


-Water leaks in damaged pipes or plumbing systems.


-Condensation around HVAC systems (humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioner, etc.) 


-Poor ventilation in damp areas (e.g. lack of vent fan in bathroom, kitchen, and other areas).


-Carpets and rugs being continuously damp (these sources also create a suitable environment for mold to grow).

What can you do to prevent moisture, dampness, and mold damage in your house?


  1. Promptly fix any water-related damage: By doing so, you will also be preventing mold from growing indoors. Water can make its way through the smallest cracks. Fix water leaks on roofs, windows and doors, and plumbing systems.


  1. Make sure dark, closed areas are regularly ventilated: These areas include the closets, attic, garage, and basement. You want to increase ventilation in these areas to improve the air quality and eliminate airborne pathogens. If there are windows near, open them as well! 


  1. Make improvements to your insulation systems: Condensation in HVAC systems, for example, usually results in damp, humid environments, perfect for mold to grow and disseminate. Poorly installed insulation systems may cause greater damage to houses and properties. 


  1. Discard and remove any items contaminated by mold and visibly damaged by humidity: Mold and water damage is typically irreversible, so you want to make sure that once you’re determined and fixed the cause of the problem, you’re also discarding any materials that may be contaminated with mold spores and other pathogens.


Bio-One of Oceanside technicians will help you determine the root cause of mold and water damage, and we are prepared to tackle the situation in an effective, timely manner.

Bio-One of Oceanside can help you


If you’re struggling with uncontrolled moisture and mold damage in your house or property, our certified technicians at Bio-One of Oceanside can help you. Determinating the root cause of mold and water damage is the first step to properly reducing and controlling humidity levels in any indoor environment. We can also discard any items and remnants that are irreversibly damaged by water or mold.


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