HOARDING: Common symptoms and what you can do to rejuvenate your home!

JAN 18, 2021 by RAFAEL ALEMÁN  

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The new year represents an opportunity to start over! It certainly wasn’t an easy year but we’re sure the difficulties we’ve endured through 2020 will turn into joy for this year. Many of us have probably spent more time in our homes… more than what we would have planned, at least!



The truth is… we have come a long way. It’s understandable that you might have gotten yourself full of things you thought you would need, given the circumstances and the uncertain times we went through in 2020. 



If you haven’t heard about hoarding and how it can affect  you, your house and your family, we are going to shed a light on this topic, since it’s been more recurring these past decade and specially this last year. 



You might not be aware of it but, accumulations of clothing, bags, newspapers and in general, junk, tend to come from pathologies and illnesses like anxiety, depression and social disability. Most of these pathologies, however, are related to hoarding disorder.



We’re hoping to be someone you can trust if you feel related to what we’re describing at all.







A hoarder is a person that accumulates excessive amounts of junk, groceries, newspapers, bags of old clothing and, overall, elements that don’t necessarily have a reason to be there or have any use whatsoever. 



For hoarders, these elements have a strong value, not only emotionally, but also  physically, economically and sometimes even legally. They think that keeping all items possible would spare the distress that drifts from parting with them, which results in the problem of accumulating items.



There are many symptoms for a hoarding diagnosis. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America listed the most common symptoms for someone who hoards:



  • The person is unable to throw away items and possessions.



  • The person deals with anxiety and distress when confronted about the items and the possibility of discarding them.



  • Items have affected the individual’s personal and active living space to the point that the person cannot make his way around or it’s completely obstructed by the items.



  • The person suffers from obsessive and compulsive thoughts, such as the fear of losing or running out of an item, which results in the accumulation of more items.



  • The person feels embarrassment and discomfort around others. He or she tends to distance from anyone who might confront them about the possibility of discarding items and possessions.



Learn more about hoarding disorder symptoms here.

Picture is divided in two parts and shows a 'before/after' scenario. The first half shows the 'before' image, a kitchen space with multiple items scattered around. The second half shows the 'after' image of the same space once it was cleaned with the help of the Bio-One Team. On the bottom right corner is the Bio-One logo.





Hoarding is not something to feel embarrassed about. Each person copes with situations differently. We want to let you know that we are here for you! Bio-One provides industry-leading hoarding cleanup and we can help you make the decision of improving your life, not only for yourself but for the people around you.



Now would be a good time to look into some of the purchases you’ve probably made while feeling uncertain about everything that has been going on this last year. We want to help you get your life and your home back on track! 

Picture is divided in two parts and shows a 'before/after' scenario of the same kitchen space but from the opposite angle. The first half shows the 'before' image, the space with multiple items and trash scattered around. The second half shows the 'after' image of the same space once it was cleaned with the help of the Bio-One Team. On the bottom right corner is the Bio-One logo.


If you find yourself in need of a hoarding cleanup, or if you know about someone who might be going through a hoarding disorder situation, give us a call Bio-One at 760-429-0729 and let us help you!   We are available 24/7, 365 days a year.



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