Bio-One Supports Hoarders in Need!

Bio-One Supports Hoarders in Need


by Armand Amoranto


As a new Bio-One owner, I am proud that Bio-One was selected for six episodes of A&E's Hoarders 11th season to provide the services needed to support people in need.   The first episode on Monday July 20th, highlights Megan and Amanda's, of Bio-One of Central Missouri, caring, loving and empathetic response to support the family.   This is who Bio-One is.   We live Help First, Business Second.   We typically work alongside psychologists to support the family during the transition.   We do the work to help sort through the material, clean and disinfect after.   Many of the transformations are significant.   It brings me joy that I am part of such a great family in Bio-One!


Join Me and Watch Monday's episode at 8PM PST to see how we use our 20 years of industry experience to support and help a family transition.   

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