4 things you should know about Biohazardous waste and why you should trust Bio-One of Oceanside to remove them

Cleaning biohazardous waste is a delicate task that should be done only by professional, certified technicians. Biohazardous waste is highly infectious and it represents a health risk for employers, employees, victims of traumatic events, and animals. Bio-One of Oceanside certified technicians are trained to remove biohazardous waste from any kind of scene, following the most rigorous and strict methods to ensure safety for everyone involved.


Many times, biohazardous waste comes from blood and bodily fluids, as a result of a traumatic life event: crime scene, suicide, decomposition/undiscovered death, car accidents, and such. Biohazardous waste can also come from used medical equipment and PPE, blood, and bodily residue in emergency vehicles and, in general, in any surface that has come into contact with the waste.

We are sharing 4 things you should know about biohazardous waste and how Bio-One of Oceanside technicians can help you clean and remediate areas from these events with a caring, compassionate, and sensitive approach to help you and your loved ones during a difficult time.

Bio-One biohazardous waste removal specialists are ready to help you in your greatest time of need.

What is considered biohazardous waste? 


Biohazardous waste is biological material that can contaminate an object, surface, or individual. Infection from biohazardous waste can be direct (coming into contact with contaminated objects or surfaces) or indirect (being around highly contaminated environments). A few examples of biohazardous waste include: 


-Blood and bodily fluids - Residue of medical procedures and/as a consequence of traumatic events like a crime scene, suicide, decomposition/undiscovered death, car accidents, etc. 


-Contaminated PPE and Medical waste - Any objects or materials that have had contact with patients dealing with infectious diseases. 


-Human and animal waste - As a result of diseases and other medical procedures. Human and animal waste can also be found in hoarding and highly cluttered scenarios.


-Waste from substance and other drug residues - Contaminated objects and surfaces from debris in cluttered spaces and homeless encampment scenarios. 


Bio-One of Oceanside technicians can dispose of any biohazardous waste resulting from these environments. Our job is not only to protect you from this waste but to help and guide you in the face of these difficult situations. 

Cleaning biohazardous waste by yourself is not only traumatic but also very dangerous


When a family is impacted by a traumatic event like a crime scene, homicide, suicide, decomposition/undiscovered death, car accidents, and other tragedies, and there’s blood and bodily fluid involved, the cleaning process should be done by professionals.


Besides the trauma of having to deal with the loss of a loved one, taking on the job of cleaning the area where the event happened can represent further trauma and pain for the families and victims. Biohazardous waste is highly infectious, so the best choice you can make for you and your loved ones is to trust Bio-One of Oceanside to remove, disinfect and decontaminate any areas affected by a traumatic event. 


Our team is well aware of the unfortunate and deeply painful circumstances that you or your family are going through. We always strive to be a supportive team for you and anyone who might be involved in these situations!


Biohazardous waste must be cleaned in a timely manner


Whether it’s blood and bodily fluid residue, medical waste, or human/animal waste, all biohazardous waste must be cleaned quickly and with the help of professionals. Blood can carry many infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, and other bloodborne pathogens. Decomposed biological matter can be highly contagious, and the odor from these unattended scenarios poses multiple airborne infections and diseases.

Bio-One of Oceanside technicians are caring, compassionate, and discreet. We will take care of your cleaning need in a private, timely manner.

Bio-One of Oceanside specialists follow strict regulations and procedures to properly remove and dispose of any biohazardous waste resulting from traumatic events in houses or properties. Our expertise guarantees that these areas return to a safe, pre-incident state for families and victims involved.


Bio-One Oceanside is the trusted choice for professional Biohazardous waste removal, cleaning, and decontamination


Bio-One of Oceanside certified technicians work closely with local law enforcement, victim advocate groups, public service agencies, and other organizations to help and assist the community in the face of an accident involving biohazardous waste.


Our professional biohazardous waste removal, cleaning, and decontamination services are available on emergency response, 24/7 - 365 days a year. Bio-One’s business motto is “Help First, Business Second”. Our goal is to help our community during their greatest time of need, taking care of situations that might represent trauma and distress for the victims and families involved. 


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