4 things you can do to prevent sewage backups in your house or property + How Bio-One of Oceanside can help you

4 things you can do to prevent sewage backups in your house or property + How Bio-One of Oceanside can help you

Sewage backups pose a high risk of infection and diseases, and they must be cleaned in a timely manner. Sometimes, we can not control sewage backups, especially during bad weather, but it’s important to tackle the problem as quickly as possible to avoid exposure to potentially biohazardous waste. 


Simply put, sewage backups happen when the wastewater can’t drain away from the property. Sewer lines may be affected by numerous reasons: clogged waste, blockages, and the collapse of the sewer system in the neighborhood. When the wastewater can make its way through the sewer lines, it will back up to your house, creating a highly contagious environment. Contaminated items might be irreversibly damaged, and houses suffer structural damage, but it is up to professionals to determine the best solution for your house or property.


Bio-One of Oceanside certified technicians are prepared to help you restore your house or property from sewage backups. Using the latest technology and procedures, we can provide thorough expertise and guidance in whatever needs to be done to avoid these dangerous situations in the future. While we can not always prevent sewage backups, prevention plays an important part.

City sewer lines can be affected by lack of maintenance, bad weather, and bad practices from house owners.

Avoid disposing of grease down the sewer lines


Cooking oil must be disposed of properly, in a heat-resistant container. If you wash oil and grease down the drain, we recommend you stop immediately. Grease solidifies as it cools off, and you might not face the consequences until it’s too late. Both the house sewer lines and the community sewer lines might be affected by cooking oil and grease disposed of incorrectly.


If your house has a sewage backup, Bio-One of Oceanside certified technicians can help you. Our team is trained to assess the level and damage and properly dispose of all contaminated items and materials. 


Don’t trust the “flushable” paper and wipes, avoid flushing them down your toilet


These paper and wipes do not deteriorate as quickly as advertised. Constantly flushing down these materials can cause problems to the house’s sewer lines and the city lines. These materials, combined with other waste and unexpected bad weather can result in dangerous sewage backups. We recommend disposing of paper and wipes as you would do regularly in the trash can. The same goes with diapers, hygiene products, or other solid materials!


Our specialists are prepared to promptly tackle sewage backups, following strict guidelines and procedures to remediate affected areas from biohazardous waste.

Tree roots may damage your sewer lateral. Regular maintenance will prevent this from happening


Every house has a “sewer lateral”. It’s the pipeline that connects your house to the city’s sewer system. Even if you haven’t had a problem with tree roots in your house, we recommend having a professional inspect the areas and cutting the excess roots to prevent damage, especially if the house’s sewer lateral is not plastic (this depends on how old is the property, older properties usually have clay sewer lines, while newer constructions use plastic sewer lines).


Bio-One of Oceanside works with contractors that can help you restore your property to its original, preincident condition in a timely manner. Sewage backups can contaminate soil and ground, so the risk of biohazards increase if you harvest food in your house.


Install a backwater prevention valve


Backwater prevention valves are usually installed in the basement area, specifically in the sewer lateral’s closest exit area that connects with the city’s sewer system. 

This valve allows wastewater to leave the house but it prevents water from the city’s sewer line to come back to the house. It’s an important fixture that will keep your house safe from sewage backups, especially during rainy seasons.

After a sewage backups, professionals need to assess the level of damage in the property. Flooring, carpeting and household items might be irreversibly damaged after a sewage backup.

Bio-One of Oceanside is here for you


If you have a sewage backup in your house or property, Bio-One of Oceanside can help you. Our certified technicians will assist you with all the necessary steps to fully restore your house from all the biohazardous waste and odors that result from the wastewater. We also work with contractors to offer you a complete solution to the sewage problem. 


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