4 risk factors associated with hoarding + how Bio-One of Oceanside can help you!

Hoarding situations pose multiple risk factors for the victim and anyone who wishes to assist them. Bio-One of Oceanside specializes in cleanup, removal, and disposal of clutter and waste from hoarding scenarios throughout San Diego County and surrounding communities. Our approach is like no other: we understand that every situation is different and, in order to overcome these challenges, we need to work together.


A person struggling with hoarding is in a constant state of stress and anxiety. Usually, houses or properties impacted by hoarding make it very difficult to live in. 


We are the 4 risk factors associated with hoarding and how our specialists at Bio-One of Oceanside can help you tackle these scenarios. One thing that sets us apart from any other cleaning company, is our genuine desire to guide you each step of the way, making sure you return to a clean, safe environment, with a positive outlook on life. 

Before and after pics of a hoarded house cleaned by Bio-One of Oceanside specialists..
Image shows a bathroom area blocked by clutter and trash.

A traumatic life event might have triggered or worsened hoarding symptoms


Some people may develop a hoarding disorder as a result of a traumatic life event, like the death of a loved one, a pet, divorce, losing a friend, relocation, eviction, or simply the loss of something they considered to be “treasurable”. 


Hoarding scenarios often involve clutter and biohazards from trash, waste, and in general, house neglect. Daily activities like cooking, bathing, and even sleeping can become a challenge, as the individuals are unable to part from their belongings. 

Bio-One of Oceanside certified specialists can help you approach hoarding scenarios in an effective, timely manner. These situations can be emotionally taxing and overwhelming, besides the dangers that come with taking care of the situation without professional help. Bio-One specialists will work closely with the victim to make sure we meet their expectations and their goals with overcoming hoarding.

Family history of mental health conditions


While there is not a specific reason for hoarding, some cases have shown that genetics and brain functioning can play a role in the development of a hoarding disorder.


We certainly cannot confirm that if a family member has struggled with a mental health condition or disorder, that the victim is suffering from the same conditions. Studies have just shown the connection and have recognized it as a risk factor.


Bio-One of Oceanside’s main goal when helping families and victims struggling with hoarding is to make everyone feel comfortable enough to trust us with their belongings and possessions. Our technicians are trained to be caring, mindful, and respectful of their situation, and we will make it a priority to save all items of value (legal documents, photographs, collectibles, keys, wallets, etc.).


A personal struggle with other mental health conditions


Hoarding has been recognized as a mental health illness. Doctors and mental health professionals can provide treatment for this condition to achieve a normal, enjoyable life. 


This is why is so important to turn for professional help in the face of a hoarding situation. Victims may be also struggling with other mental health conditions like depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety disorder, dementia, etc.

Getting help from a professional in mental health is a key element in preventing hoarding from getting worse. Bio-One of Oceanside can help you find the right people to help you or your loved ones face hoarding. Leave the cleaning part to us, we will make sure the house or property returns to its previous condition, one that is safe for you and anyone to live in.

Deprived childhood and early deprivation in life might lead to hoarding in adulthood


On average, specialists have determined that hoarding symptoms may develop in people aging between 11 and 15. Early detection is also key when it comes to preventing these symptoms from getting worse. 


Studies have shown that people who have faced poor conditions in the early stages of their lives might turn to hoard as a coping mechanism in their adulthood. This risk factor is determined by mental health professionals, as there are many reasons for people to hoard items. 


Bio-One of Oceanside certified technicians can help people and families struggling with hoarding, especially if things feel out of place and order. Whenever our specialists receive a call to attend to a hoarding situation, they have one thing in mind: keeping you safe. Specialists will work closely with the victims to make sure they are satisfied with the work and the service provided.


Bio-One of Oceanside is here for you



If you or someone you love is struggling with hoarding, let Bio-One of Oceanside specialists take care. We understand that calling for help might be difficult, people tend to feel embarrassed of these situations but, please know, we are here to help.

Image shows a bathrom area cleaned by Bio-One of Oceanside specialists.

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