4 health risks associated with mold and how Bio-One of Oceanside specialists can help you

4 health risks associated with mold and how Bio-One of Oceanside specialists can help you

As mold grows outdoors, it releases spores that travel through the air and help decompose organic matter such as leaves, dead trees, animals, and food. Because it’s part of the natural environment, there is no way to control mold spores from coming inside our homes. In normal conditions, mold shouldn’t represent a health problem for humans or animals. 


Now, when mold spores make their way into areas with high levels of moisture and humidity, they can become a problem for buildings, families, and anyone suffering from pre-existing respiratory health conditions (including animals). Mold can grow on almost any surface, as it only requires water and a suitable, damp environment. 


Kitchen cabinets, leaky roofs, and windows, the basement, laundry room, crawl spaces… mold can grow on any area where humidity levels are high. When properties become infested with mold, it’s important to remediate the root cause of the problem, which is usually related to water damage. Under the right conditions, mold can grow and disseminate spores within 24-48 hours, so, if your house has water-related issues like leaks on the roof, windows, around the bathroom sink, shower area, under the kitchen sink, and even around HVAC systems, promptly fixing them will keep your home clean and safe from all the health risks associated with mold.


Bio-One of Oceanside is a Micro Certified Mold Remediation Company. Our specialists are prepared to tackle any problems related to mold damage in your house or property, even when the damage seems irreparable. Sometimes, unfortunately, mold entails construction work and restoration for areas where mold has caused irreversible damage. We work with contractors to properly restore areas to their original, pre-incident conditions. 


We are sharing 4 health risks associated with mold and how our specialists can help you restore your house or property from mold damage. Mold spores don’t have the same effect on everyone, but those dealing with allergies and other respiratory health conditions are at a higher risk of developing more health complications due to mold damage.

Bio-One of Oceanside technicians will help you determine the possible cause of mold growth and we will take care of restore areas impacted by mold damage.

Risk of developing allergies


When mold starts to grow in damp, poorly ventilated areas, it releases allergens that may affect people with pre-existing conditions. Mold doesn’t have the same effect on everyone, though. Symptoms of mold exposure resulting in allergies include:


-Skin rashes

-Red eyes

-Runny nose

-Sore throat

-Shortness of breath


Continuous exposure to mold spores may result in allergic reactions, although these reactions may not be immediate. If you notice signs of mold damage in your house or property, Bio-One of Oceanside’s technicians can help you.


Risk of developing asthma 


For people dealing with asthma and other respiratory health conditions, exposure to mold may result in asthma episodes and lung complications. If you notice visible signs of mold damage in your house or property, we recommend staying away from these environments while the damage is remediated. 


Risk of developing sinusitis


Because some people are more sensitive to mold than others, it’s not possible to assume that everyone will suffer from the same conditions associated with mold exposure That being said, mold is a fungus that may affect people with a more susceptible immune system. Symptoms of sinusitis caused by mold exposure include: 



-Body ache, especially in the face

-Swelling on the nasal cavities

-Runny nose



Risk of developing other respiratory conditions like pneumonia and bronchitis 


Reactions to mold exposure variate from one person to another. The reality is that areas severely compromised by mold damage do have effects on people’s health. When mold is concentrated in these areas, it contaminates the air. Additionally, mold is known to cause severe damage in very little time. Any surface in the house impacted by water damage becomes a suitable area for mold to grow, so fixing water-related issues and controlling humidity levels remain the main way to prevent mold growth.

Mold can hide under the bathroom carpeting, flooring, and behind cabinets. Exposure to mold can lead to health complications.

Bio-One of Oceanside can help you


If you’re struggling with mold damage in your house or property, Bio-One of Oceanside specialists can help you. Exposure to mold may result in several health complications, and it’s difficult to determine how someone would react to being exposed to these environments because it doesn’t have the same effect on everyone. The best way to prevent mold from growing is to control the humidity levels indoors and promptly fix water-related problems. 


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